JSC “Agaras” is the company with long prehistory. In 1991, when Lithuania regained its independence, old sewing buildings were bought. Tailor shop with a lot of abandoned buildings was not profitable at that time, so the Company's owners Petras and Leta Vainorai, themselves being builders, converted sewing buildings to a farmers shop. After noticing good commercial skills and the extent of demand it was decided to start live animals export. The main export countries at that time were Latvia, Estonia, Poland. In 1993, the Company of 5 people reached 16 million LTL annual turnover. In 1994 in Lithuania was released export embargo law. JSC  “Agaras” again reorganized company's activity and began to develop carcass business. In 1999 one of the most modern slaughterhouses in Lithuania has been run. In 2003, under SAPARD project, slaughterhouse was modernized and opened with new waste treatment facilities. In the decade since the start of the new slaughterhouse JSC “Agaras” has built 4000m3 liquid waste reservoir and the flotation unit, a new cutting plant was built and installed new cutting line, refrigeration equipment was also modernized. New construction of bio power plant was started, which produced electricity and heat energy will be sufficient to provide for all the needs of company. After reorientation of JSC “Agaras” main activities to meat production and realization annual sales turnover and number of employees are only growing.
From a small ambition to ensure family's well-being JSC “Agaras” has grown into one of the largest Lithuanian fresh meat manufacturers and vendors, owing its success to its traditional values and flexible production management. The company's structure is orientated on the idea to make more efficient and customer oriented company. In turn, these factors allow compete successfully in the European Union, Russia and other markets. Family business concept, when all major company units are led by the immediate family members, makes it more effective to make the right decisions and to find the best solution to various situations. In order toensure company's stability and growth, JSC “Agaras” business is based on creation the long-term commercial relationships with reliable partners, professionalism of personnel and high quality completion of each order.
JSC “Agaras” is one of the leading companies of fresh meat market in Lithuania. The company's aim is to discover new markets around the world and to engage a strong position in them.
JSC “Agaras” consistently enhance the concept of business by providing customers with complete services that meet their specific needs. Constant development at organizational and technological levels allows to better serve the needs of our clients and to conserve the environment better. Company priorities are focused on ultimate process quality assurance, maintenance and enhancement of reliable partner name, renewable energy sources usage and environmentally friendly activity.
  • Loyalty – we value the continuity. On the first problem appearance we did not terminate the relationship, but trying to find a compromise;
  • Reliability – we always fulfill our promises;
  • Flexibility - we can implement even the most specific customer needs;
  • Collaboration – we constructively communicate internally and maintain feedback with customers;
  • Responsibility – we are socially responsible to our customers, suppliers and employees and both to nature and the environment in which we work;
  • Quality – is our company's foundation and aspiration.